Newport licence success


Today Ofcom awarded the Newport & Chepstow DAB multiplex to Gwent Digital Broadcasting Ltd, a consortium of UK DAB Networks, Like Media, Newport City Radio, Gwent Radio and Gwent Broadcast. The multiplex is scheduled to launch later in 2023. If you are interested in launching your radio station in Newport and Chepstow, please get in touch with us.

Statement about Alnwick/Morpeth DAB multiplex


UK DAB Networks has made the difficult decision to formally decline the licence award for the Alnwick & Morpeth DAB multiplex with Ofcom. We are very sorry that this will mean the roll out of small scale DAB in the Alnwick/Morpeth will be delayed. We appreciate that some people will be disappointed and maybe even angry with this development. Unfortunately between applying for the licence in late 2020 and today, a number of factors concerning viability have changed and we have decided it is for the best to not launch the multiplex. We wish the radio services in the North East the best of luck for the future and hope another organisation is able to reapply for the licence from Ofcom in due course.

New DAB multiplex applications - do you want to put your station on DAB?


UK DAB Networks are involved with new small scale DAB applications either as shareholder or consultant as part of Round 4 of Ofcom's licencing programme.

  • Newport and Chepstow

  • Plymouth

  • Southampton

  • Torbay

  • Wolverhampton

If you are interested in broadcasting your radio station on DAB to any of the above locations, please contact us through the UK DAB Networks contact form no later than 17:00 on Wednesday 12th October 2022.

More radio choice for Winchester arrives


18 brand new DAB+ digital radio services have launched today (Saturday 8th October 2022) in Winchester as transmission provider UK DAB Networks powers up its Winchester DAB+ transmitter. The transmissions, licenced by regulator Ofcom enable a new generation of local, charitable and small businesses to have access to digital airwaves for the first time using cutting edge DAB+ technology.

To enjoy the new services, listeners in the Winchester area should 'autotune' or 'scan' their DAB+ digital radio. The new services will then be present as part of the alphabetical station list on most radios. The multiplex was formally launched this morning at a ceremony held at the offices of Winchester Today with the Mayor of Winchester Cllr Derek Green.

Ash Elford of UK DAB Networks says:

"It has always been important to me that digital radio was accessible to all broadcasters of all types. By having something for everyone, digital radio will be able to thrive. Winchester has a special place in my heart, having lived and worked in the city. This multiplex has a great line-up of services and very good coverage."

The new digital radio services available in Winchester available on DAB+ are:


80s Rhythm

Awaaz Radio

B Radio

Christmas Radio

Great British Radio

Like One

Like Pop

Like Retro

Nation 70s

Nation 80s

Nation 90s

Nation Hits

News Radio UK

Outreach Dance

Tomorrowland One World Radio

Winchester Radio

Winchester Today

* Fiesta FM, Skyline Gold and Voice FM will be added in the coming weeks.

The services are broadcast digitally from a transmitter at Crabwood Farm on a licence issued by the broadcast regulator Ofcom. DAB+ digital radios are on sale from electrical retailers and supermarkets from as little as £25.

UK DAB Networks has capacity available for other radio services wishing to broadcast to Winchester and any interested organisation should visit for further information.

The new Winchester DAB+ multiplex means that for the first time, Winchester Today is broadcast on terrrestrial radio. Kevin Gover of Winchester Today said:

“After two years of hard work I still can’t quite believe my eyes in seeing ‘Winchester Today’ scrolling across my DAB+ radio screen! Winchester is at the forefront of digital radio technology!”

The launch means that existing FM service is now able to migrate to DAB. Anna O'Brien of Winchester Radio said:

“Winchester Radio has come a long way since we launched as a hospital radio station in 1984. We launched our community radio service in 2019, and more recently supported UK DAB Networks’ bid for the Winchester small-scale DAB multiplex. We are thrilled to now be able to extend our service in digital quality to support more people across a wider area.”

Southampton based Awaaz Radio is able to extend its ethic programming to Winchester. Ali Beg of Awaaz Radio said:

"It is an exciting time for Winchester and the ethnic minorities of the city. Working together we can now ensure that the under-represented groups are recognised and more visible. It is an exciting time for us and we look forward to reaching out to the whole population of Winchester. Watch out for some really different and exciting programs!"

The multiplex is also supported by commercial radio. Jason Bryant of Nation Broadcasting said:

‘We’re delighted to be extending the range of Nation Radio brands - particularly our fast growing decade services Nation 70s, 80s and 90s - to Winchester and the surrounding area. This will help us further promote the successful Nation Player app to audiences across the south’

Sothampton comic Mike Osman of Great British Radio said:

Great British Radio will give the people of Winchester great laughs, great guests and great music and only good news, we hope they enjoy our output.

DAB+ is a simple, and legal, way for small scale broadcasters to reach Winchester. Tony Smith of Swinging Radio 60s said:

"We are absolutely delighted to be able to broadcast Swinging Radio 60s to the residents of Winchester on digital radio. In the 1960s we would have had to buy a radio ship, a transmitter and a 300 feet tall aerial mast. With modern technology and the UK DAB Network digital multiplex Swinging Radio 60s dee jays can broadcast their 1960s music without getting seasick"

UK DAB Networks would like to thank Commtronix, Factum Radioscape and Arqiva (in particular Cliff Proctor) for their help with the launch of the Winchester multiplex.

More success for UK DAB Networks


Today, 12th May 2022, Ofcom announced the successful applicants for the second round of Small Scale DAB licencing. We are delighted with the news that Ofcom have awarded the multiplexes for Wrexham, Stockport and the High Peak area to applications that we were involved with. We look forward to working with our local partners to launch these multiplexes in 2023.

Updated 25/04/22
Applications have now closed for Ofcom's third round of small scale DAB licencing. We patiently await Ofcom's decision and are keeping our fingers crossed for good news later this year.
UK DAB Networks are involved with small scale DAB applications for Belfast, Bedford, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Swansea, Swindon, Wetherby & Harrogate and West Hull. If you are interested in broadcasting your radio station on DAB to any of these locations, please contact us through the UK DAB Networks contact form ASAP.

Want to broadcast your station on DAB digital radio to the city of Coventry?


Coventry Digital Broadcasting Ltd today announced plans to apply to Ofcom for the small-scale multiplex licence for Coventry. The partnership brings together Ryan Davies (Like Media), Ash Elford (UK DAB Networks), Dean Kavanagh (Switch Radio), and Subdigital Ltd (Sabras Radio) to build a small-scale DAB network that supports the development of the radio ecosystem across Coventry.

Ash Elford, who has extensive experience in small-scale DAB including the operation of the Portsmouth small-scale trial said:
“Coventry Digital Broadcasting will provide a vital platform for local services to broadcast across Coventry, whilst also providing a route-to-air for emerging commercial operators in the region. I have now seen-up and down the country-the difference that these platforms can provide to the local community.”

Dean Kavanagh, who managed the North Birmingham small-scale trial with Switch Radio and successfully won the permanent licence, sees small-scale digital radio as a great way to increase access to the airwaves for stations in the Midlands, saying:

“Having operated North Birmingham’s trial small-scale multiplex, I’ve seen first-hand the difference this broadcast layer can make to local communities in the West Midlands. This partnership has the experience, skills, and understanding to help local broadcasting flourish.

”Ryan Davies, from Like Media Group, who currently hold the small-scale multiplex licence for Glasgow, believes small-scale digital radio can open new possibilities in Coventry for community broadcasters and emerging commercial stations:

“Small-scale digital radio is perfectly suited to the needs of the local community here in Coventry. In Coventry Digital Broadcasting, we have assembled a fantastic team of people who passionately believe in the power of this platform and the difference it can make to the local area. We would strongly encourage those with an interest in being broadcast on the multiplex to contact us as soon as possible.”

Radio stations with an interest in broadcasting on the prospective Coventry small-scale multiplex should contact Pam at Like Media before 18:00 on Friday 25th April 2022. Details can be found at or alternatively contact us through the UK DAB Networks contact form.

Want to broadcast your station on DAB digital radio to the city of Milton Keynes?


Today, local Milton Keynes broadcasters announced the formation of a new venture, MK Digital Radio Ltd, to apply to the broadcast regulator Ofcom for a licence to operate local DAB digital radio services in Milton Keynes. If successful, it will mean dozens of new digital radio services will be available in Milton Keynes. It will mean that finally, community non-profit broadcasters such as Secklow Sounds, will have a path to digital radio. The group hope that if successful in their application, for their DAB digital radio transmissions will begin in 2023.

MK Digital Radio Ltd is a joint venture between local broadcasters Darren Dorrington, CEO of MKFM, local station Secklow Sounds, broadcaster Matt Cadman, and leading Small Scale DAB providers Like Media Group and UK DAB Networks. It is the only application officially supported by both local Milton Keynes community broadcasters MKFM and Secklow Sounds.

Commenting on the creation of MK Digital Radio, Darren Dorrington, said:

"Milton Keynes is a vibrant, forward looking, city. DAB digital radio provides opportunities to bring new and exciting services to the area. I am supporting existing and new broadcasters by backing an application that will provide a diverse range of services and an affordable route to digital radio transmission in Milton Keynes."

Matt Cove, Station Manager of Secklow Sounds said:

"In a multi-platform world, it is important that stations such as Secklow Sounds are not left behind. It is important for us as a broadcaster to be wherever our listeners are, up until now this has been FM and online, but we look to complete our availability by being on digital radio."

Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South in conjunction with Ben Everitt, MP for Milton Keynes North said:

“I was delighted to support MKFM’s FM application in 2015 and have been impressed with what they have achieved supporting our community. Without doubt Ben and I are supporting their application to be part of a consortium to bring affordable Small Scale DAB to Milton Keynes.”

Organisations or individuals that wish to broadcast to Milton Keynes on digital radio are invited to contact MK Digital Radio Ltd ASAP, but not later than 18:00 on Friday 22nd April 2022. Details can be found at or alternatively contact us through the UK DAB Networks contact form.

Want to broadcast your station on DAB digital radio to the city of Oxford?


Today, 19th April 2022, First DAB Oxford announced its intention to apply for the Oxford DAB multiplex. If the application is successful, it will allow radio stations to broadcast on digital radio to Oxford city, heralding a dawn of new ultra local broadcasting. First DAB Oxford is a joint venture between the established Oxford broadcaster First FM, local broadcaster Jonathan Cohen, Like Media Group and UK DAB Networks.

Jonathan Cohen from First FM says:

"This application is a natural evolution for us. First DAB Oxford's proposals will provide a route to digital broadcasting that has previously been uneconomic to non-profit broadcasters such as ourselves. The listener will be the winner, because all of the radio services they know and love will finally be on digital radio as well as exciting new formats. Up until now, to target the city of Oxford, broadcasters have had to invest significant sums of money to broadcast to the entire country. If our application is successful, it will provide an affordable route to DAB digital radio."

Ash Elford from UK DAB Networks says:

"Our proposal will be complementary to the radio landscape. Providing access to digital broadcasting for non-profit entities and small scale commercial operations will enhance the plurality of services in Oxford. Ofcom are no longer awarding FM or AM licences, so the only route for a new broadcaster to broadcast terrestrially is through DAB digital radio. The good news is that our proposal to Ofcom will enable dozens of new services to broadcast to Oxford."

Ryan Davies of Like Media Group says:

"Despite competition, radio is still a firm favourite amongst the public with 89% of the population tuning in to a radio station every week according to industry body RAJAR*. Of those that listen to the radio - 42% of all radio listening is done using a DAB digital radio - a greater share than FM/AM (36%), smart speaker/online (17%) and television (5%). Oxford is one of the UK's most vibrant cities and we look forward to expanding the choice on digital radio available to those that live, work, socialise and do business in Oxford.

If successful, First DAB Oxford will launch its Oxford DAB multiplex during 2023.

Organisations or individuals that wish to broadcast to Oxford on digital radio are invited to contact First DAB Oxford ASAP, but not later than 18:00 on Friday 22nd April 2022. Details can be found at or alternatively contact us through the UK DAB Networks contact form.

Want to broadcast your station on DAB digital radio to Harrogate and Weatherby?


Wetherby and Harrogate Local DAB Ltd has announced it intends to apply for the recently advertised Wetherby and Harrogate small scale DAB multiplex. The group is a collaboration between local radio station Your Harrogate, Harrogate Hospital Radio and Tempo FM the community station serving the Wetherby area. Harrogate Hospital Radio launched in 1977 to serve patients, visitors and staff alike. The station upgraded to 95.3 FM in September. Tempo FM has been broadcasting to Wetherby and surrounding villages since 2006 and is well supported by the local business community. Your Harrogate launched online on 1st March 2021 and recently expanded its reach by launching on the North Yorkshire DAB multiplex.

Nick Hancock from Your Harrogate is delighted to be working with the other local stations:
“We firmly believe that by working together with neighbouring stations we can improve listening choices across the area. We’ve had such a great response since we launched Your Harrogate we know that this area always gets behind local projects. Now we would love to hear from other radio stations and organisations both locally and across the UK who would like to be part of the new Wetherby and Harrogate DAB multiplex.”

UK DAB Networks Ltd are working on the application with Weatherby and Harrogate Local DAB Ltd.

Interested station should contact us or Nick Hancock to express an interest by emailing

Want to broadcast your station on DAB digital radio to the North West?

Updated: 19/08/21

UK DAB Networks is currently involved in a number of applications to operate small scale DAB multiplexes in the North West. Some of the applications we've announced below, others will be revealed in the coming weeks. If you want to broadcast on DAB digital radio, please get in touch with us and let us know what area, or areas, you are interested in.

We're experienced operators of DAB digital radio multiplexes in the UK, so if you are want to broadcast to the North West, please contact us!

The deadline for applications has now passed, and we now patiently await a licence decision to be made by Ofcom.

UK DAB Networks supporting application for Blackburn, Burnley & Darwen DAB multiplex

Synergy DAB (Blackburn, Burnley & Darwen) Ltd has today, Tuesday 31st August, announced their intention to bid for the recently advertised Blackburn, Burnley & Darwen) small scale DAB multiplex.

The group original 963 East Lancashire service is backed by Shafat Ali, founder and CEO of Asian Sound Radio Group, Like Media Ryan Davies, UK DAB Network's Ash Elford, Huma Ali, MD of Radio In Schools & Education and Gujratii broadcaster Mr. Karolia of Blackburn Gujrati services.

Shafat Ali said of Synergy DAB’s plans to commitment to the local Blackburn, Burnley and Darwen area is arguably one of the most culturally diverse areas of the UK. Using my professional network of nearly three decades in providing Asian Sound Radio, a diverse local broadcaster, I truly believe that it will be possible to provide a good multiplex that ensures all voices of the local community are able to be heard on DAB digital radio.

Our local senior broadcaster Mr. Karolia of the C-DSP service Gujrati Radio says: I'm excited to be a part of Synergy DAB's local application to operate the Blackburn, Burnley & Darwen) small scale DAB multiplex. For a grass roots organisation like ours, being heard on digital radio is a fantastic opportunity to serve the Gujrati speaking population with a dedicated local radio service on a major terrestrial radio platform.

Huma Ali adds: "To support our grass roots service providers in Blackburn, Burnley and Darwen, if Synergy DAB is successful in it's application to operate the multiplex, within six months of launch we will donate up to 500 portable DAB+ radios to disadvantaged households in the local area."

Community, commercial, and aspiring radio services interested in broadcasting to Blackburn, Burnley and Darwen are encouraged to send an expression of interest to ASAP

Today, Synergy DAB also announced that if its application to operate the Rochdale & Oldham multiplex is successful, it too will donate a further up to 500 portable DAB+ radios to disadvantaged households in the area within six months of launch too. It means that if both applications are successful, 1000 digital radios will be donated, widening listeners' audience choices voices locally.

Not for profit company Liverpool Community SSDAB Ltd announces plans to bring local digital radio to Liverpool

Liverpool Community SSDAB Ltd, a non-profit company, today unveiled plans to apply for the Liverpool small scale DAB multiplex recently advertised by Ofcom. The non-profit company is backed by former Sales Director of Juice FM Andy Stratton, Liverpudlian financier Steve Leather, local entertainer John Beddows, DAB guru Ash Elford, radio station operator Ryan Davies, with North West radio legend John Ryan as Chair of the organisation.

Andy Stratton said:
"Liverpool is a unique place, and its people are loyal and passionate. Liverpudlians always like to support and engage with anything relating to their city. I look forward to Liverpool Community SSDAB bringing new broadcasting opportunities to Liverpool. Our application will allow a broad range of community based non-profit organisations to broadcast on terrestrial radio for the very first time."

Ash Elford added:
"Liverpool Community SSDAB will provide a platform for grass roots community groups to broadcast, as well as providing affordable access to DAB digital radio for small commercial operators too. Over the years I have seen first hand what a huge opportunity DAB digital radio broadcasting can be for grass routes broadcasters. I want to repeat this success in Liverpool."

John Ryan concludes:
"With Liverpool Community SSDAB we have assembled a strong team that are committed to making digital radio accessible to any aspiring community or small commercial broadcaster in Liverpool. Liverpool SSDAB is a non-profit organisation that will make it affordable for community and small commercial operators to broadcast on DAB digital radio."

Services interested in broadcasting on DAB digital radio to Liverpool are advised to contact as soon as possible, or alternatively get in touch with us through the UK DAB Networks website.

Wrexham DAB Ltd unveils plans to bring local digital radio to Wrexham


Wrexham DAB Ltd has today announced that it is to apply for the recently advertised small scale DAB multiplex for Wrexham. If successful, it will mean that Wrexham based Calon FM will be broadcast on digital radio for the first time.

Wrexham DAB is a consortium led by Ryan Davies, Ash Elford of UK DAB Networks and Calon FM.

Amy Hughes, station manager of Calon FM says,
“ We're so excited that small scale DAB is coming to Wrexham and we see this as great opportunity for small local radio to be heard across the borough, providing a voice for the community and entertainment to listeners"

"DAB will see Calon FM make the jump to a digital platform for our listeners, and we're proud to be part of this application."

Ryan Davies, of Like Media Group says,
"For too long digital radio services in Wrexham have been either UK centric or too focused on South Wales. Wrexham DAB aims to address this through our partnership with Calon FM."

Ash Elford of UK DAB Networks says,
"Wrexham DAB has assembled a strong team and I'm really excited to be applying with Calon FM. Historically, Wrexham was the heart of local radio in North Wales, and now its time to ensure it has a place in the digital age.

Services interested in broadcasting to Wrexham on DAB are encouraged to email or alternatively get in touch with us through the UK DAB Networks website.

UK DAB Networks supporting application for Oldham & Rochdale DAB multiplex


Synergy DAB (Oldham & Rochdale) Ltd has today, Friday 30th July, announced their intention to bid for the recently advertised Oldham & Rochdale small scale DAB multiplex.

If successful, it will mean Synergy DAB will transmit around 20 new DAB radio services to the area. Synergy DAB’s ethos is to provide local, culturally diverse, engaging educational and entertaining services to the community working in harmony with small commercial operators and local community local services.

The Synergy DAB founding consortium is a partnership between Asian Sound Radio CEO Shafat Ali, Like Media Group's Ryan Davies, UK DAB Network's Ash Elford and Huma Ali, MD of Radio In Schools & Education.

Shafat Ali said of the new venture:“For over three decades, my heart has been in the North West radio market. Through Asian Sound Radio, I have seen first hand how terrestrial radio broadcasting can make a huge difference to local communities that are otherwise unserved by traditional broadcasters. Synergy DAB will give more people a voice and sense of community.”

Ryan Davies said:“The Synergy DAB partnership is an exciting initiative to be part of. Having recently just sold my analogue stations in the North West to Bauer Media, I have now focused on building a sustainable digital radio platform in Oldham & Rochdale for community services and small commercial services.”

Ash Elford added:“I’ve always said that it is important that in a digital world, nobody is left behind. Through Synergy DAB, we’ve created a venture that will bring a diverse range of services to Rochdale & Oldham of all shapes and sizes.”

Huma Ali concludes:"Working with local educational partners in the boroughs of Oldham and Rochdale, will enable them to have a sustainable presence on the DAB multiplex and will ensure that the local community is at the heart of our operation. "

Community, commercial, and aspiring radio services interested in broadcasting to Oldham & Rochdale are encouraged to send an expression of interest to or alternatively get in touch with us through the UK DAB Networks website.

More success for UK DAB Networks


Today, Ofcom awarded the Alnwick & Morpeth DAB multiplex to UK DAB Networks.

Ash Elford, Managing Director of UK DAB Networks said; "I'm excited to have been awarded the small scale DAB multiplex licence for Alnwick & Morpeth. I look forward to bringing a wide range of radio services to the area. Some of the polygon, particularly to the north, currently only gets BBC digital radio services. The Alnwick & Morpeth multiplex will mean for some the DAB selection goes from 10 to potentially 30 services for some listeners."

The award means that UK DAB Networks will hold more small scale DAB multiplexes than any other operator. These are:

  • Alnwick & Morpeth

  • Basingstoke

  • Inverclyde

  • Winchester

In addition, UK DAB Networks has worked closely with the following successful applicants.

  • Glasgow - Nation Digital Investments Ltd

  • Isles of Scilly - Like DAB Ltd

  • Salisbury - Muxcast One Ltd - a joint venture between Nation Broadcasting and BFBS

  • Welsh Valleys - GTfm - a local community radio broadcaster

UK DAB Networks looks forward to launching these multiplexes soon.

UK DAB Networks awarded Basingstoke multiplex


Ofcom has today awarded the Basingstoke small scale DAB multiplex licence to UK DAB Networks.

We look forward to bringing new digital radio services from broadcasters of all types to Basingstoke in the next year.

Success for UK DAB Networks


Ofcom has awarded the second batch of small scale DAB multiplex licences, with two being awarded to ourselves, UK DAB Networks!

  • Inverclyde

  • Winchester

As can be expected, we are very excited by the news and look forward to launching new small scale DAB multiplexes for Inverclyde and Winchester over the coming months.

To date, UK DAB Networks has been involved in five successful small scale DAB multiplex applications from the first round of long term licencing. We look forward to further news from Ofcom in the near future about the other applications we are associated with as either applicant or consultant.

UK DAB Networks celebrates first successful partnerships


Ofcom has awarded the first batch of small scale DAB multiplex licences to organisations that have worked closely with UK DAB Networks during the application process.

  • Salisbury - Muxcast One Ltd - a joint venture between Nation Broadcasting and BFBS

  • Glasgow - Nation Digital Investments Ltd - owned by Nation Broadcasting

  • Welsh Valleys - GTfm - a local community radio broadcaster

We look forward to helping these organisations launch their multiplexes over the coming months.

Nation Broadcasting & UK DAB Networks apply for DAB multiplexes


Nation Broadcasting (Nation) has submitted a number of licence applications to Ofcom in the first round of small scale digital radio (SSDAB) multiplexes which closed today (23rd November 2020).

Nation, the UK’s third largest operator of local commercial radio services, has directly applied for licences in areas where it has existing analogue interests, including in Glasgow, Cardiff, South Shields and also in Salisbury, in a joint venture with BFBS. As a minority shareholder, Nation has also joined a number of applicants bidding in other parts of the UK, including the West Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East and South West.

Nation has also announced an investment in a new DAB consultancy and operations company UK DAB Networks Ltd, led by its DAB Platform Manager Ash Elford.

Jason Bryant, Founder and Executive Chairman of Nation Broadcasting said; ”Having successfully run the Glasgow SSDAB trial since 2018, we believe we can add value and opportunities to this new level of digital radio. We see SSDAB as a platform for community radio operators to gain access to DAB at marginal additional cost and as a cost effective first step for innovative new commercial service providers.”

Ash Elford said “UK DAB Networks has ambitions to become a leading operator of SSDAB licences. We have submitted strong applications in a number of areas including South Birmingham, Hampshire and Inverclyde and we look forward to working with applicants in this round and future SSDAB rounds.”

Community and Commercial Radio services interested in working with Nation or UK DAB Networks in future SSDAB rounds should contact UK DAB Networks.

The full list of multiplexes being applied for are:

Nation Broadcasting

  • Cardiff

  • Edinburgh

  • Glasgow

  • Salisbury (as a joint venture with BFBS)

  • Tynemouth & South Shields

UK DAB Networks

  • Alnwick & Morpeth

  • Basingstoke

  • Inverclyde

  • South Birmingham

  • Winchester

Further to this, UK DAB Networks has also provided support for a further seven applications on behalf of three clients.

Ofcom DAB multiplex application window open

The deadline for applications for small scale DAB multiplexes is 23rd November 2020 for locations advertised by Ofcom in round 1. If you are interested in broadcasting on DAB digital radio either as a station or multiplex operator, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss opportunities available.