YouTube videos

UK DAB Networks now has a YouTube channel! Below are a selection of some of our videos. We hope they are useful in understand what DAB digital radio can do you for!

How many stations can you broadcast on a DAB+ digital radio multiplex?

In this video, we explain how many stations can be broadcast on a DAB+ digital radio multiplex. The short answer is that there are many factors at play which limit the number of services on a multiplex, but for us the limit is 29 (although less, is of course, fine).

A very basic guide to what a DAB/DAB+ multiplex and small scale DAB is

This video is a very basic explainer to what a DAB/DAB+ multiplex is. In the UK there are three tiers of DAB broadcasting. National, local, and now, small scale, and this video takes a basic look at each of these.

Happy Birthday to Digital One

The Digital One national DAB multiplex launched on 15th November 1999. Here are some quick highlights. Posted on Digital One's 22nd birthday!

How I explore a DAB+ digital radio multiplex

In this video we show you how the Factum Radioscape Observa Field Monitor can be used to explore a DAB/DAB+ digital radio multiplex, its services and transmitters in detail. This is not a product review. We hope you may find this video useful to see what information is available beyond what a typical DAB receiver is capable of.